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Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
Autoren Titel Journal Link
Grill S, Ring A, Brannath W, Scharpenberg M Assessing consistency in clinical trials with two subgroups and binary endpoints: A new test within the logistic regression model. Statistics in Medicine
Mirastschijski U, Schwab I, Coger V, Zier U, Rianna C, He W, Maedler K, Kelm S, Radtke A, Belge G, Lindner P, Stahl F, Scharpenberg M, Lasota L, Timm J Lung Surfactant Accelerates Skin Wound Healing: A Translational Study with a Randomized Clinical Phase I Study Sci Rep 10, 2581
Rathjen K I, Herbon C, Jilani H, Scharpenberg M, Schilling I, Schmiemann G, Brannath W, Gerhardus A Aktive Beteiligung von älteren Patient*innen an klinischer Forschung (INVOLVE-Clin): Ein Studienprotokoll. ZEFQ
Jilani H, Rathjen K I, Schilling I, Herbon C, Scharpenberg M, Brannath W, Gerhardus A Handreichung zur Patient*innenbeteiligung an klinischer Forschung, Version 1.0 Universität Bremen
Wosniok W, Nickel S, Schroeder W Development of the software tool Sample Size for Arbitrary Distributions and exemplarily applying it for calculating minimum numbers of moss samples used as accumulation indicators for atmospheric deposition. Environ Sci Eur 32, 9
Haeckel R, Wosniok W, Streichert T The difference between reference interval and reference range. J Lab Med 44(3) 173
Haeckel R, Wosniok W, Torge A, Junker R Age- and sex-dependent reference intervals for uric acid estimated by the truncated minimum chi-square (TMC) approach, a new indirect method. J Lab Med 44(3) 157–163
Haeckel R, Wosniok W, Torge A, Junker R, Bertram A, Krebs A, Özcürümez M, Orth M, Streichert T Age and sex dependent reference intervals for random plasma/serum glucose concentrations related to different sampling devices and determined by an indirect procedure with data mining. J Lab Med 2020
Haeckel R, Wosniok W, Torge A, Junker R Reference limits of high-sensitive cardiac troponin T indirectly estimated by a new approach applying data mining. A special example for measurands with a relatively high percentage of values at or below the detection limit. J Lab Med 2020
Erscheinungsjahr: 2019
Autoren Titel Journal Link
Wosniok W, Nickel S, Schroeder W Sample Size for Arbitrary Distributions using the example of mosses as indicators for atmospheric deposition. GEFAHRSTOFFE 79 Nr. 11-12, 451-459
Czwikla J, Schulz M, Heinze F, Kalwitzki F, Gand D, Schmidt A, Tsiasioti C, Schwinger A, Kloep S, Schmiemann G, Wolf-Ostermann K, Gerhardus A, Rothgang H Needs-based provision of medical care to nursing home residents in Germany: protocol of a mixed-methods study. BMJ Open; 9:e025614
Dieckmann K.-P, Radtke A, ..., Wosniok W Serum Levels of MicroRNA-371a-3p (M371 Test) as a New Biomarker of Testicular Germ Cell Tumors: Results of a Prospective Multicentric Study. J Clin Oncol
Wosniok W, Haeckel R A new indirect estimation of reference intervals: truncated minimum chi-square (TMC) approach. Clin Chem Lab Med 57(12) 1933-1947
Veselinović T, Scharpenberg M, Heinze M, Cordes J, Mühlbauer B, Juckel G, Rüther E, Paulzen M, Haen E, Hiemke C, Timm J, Gründer G Dopamine D2 Receptor Occupancy Estimated From Plasma Concentrations of Four Different Antipsychotics and the Subjective Experience of Physical and Mental Well-Being in Schizophrenia: Results From the Randomized NeSSy Trial J Clin Psychopharmacol. Volume 39, Issue 6, pp. 550-560
Veselinović T, Scharpenberg M, Heinze M, Cordes J, Mühlbauer B, Juckel G, Habel U, Rüther E, Timm J, Gründer G Disparate effects of first and second generation antipsychotics on cognition in schizophrenia - Findings from the randomized NeSSy trial Eur Neuropsychopharmacol Volume 29, Issue 6, pp. 720-739
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
Autoren Titel Journal Link
Saha S, Brannath W Comparison of different approaches for dose response analysis Biometrical Journal, Volume 61, Issue 1, Special Issue MCP 2017, pp. 83-100
Ring A, Scharpenberg M, Grill S, Schall R, Brannath W Equivalence Tests in Subgroup Analyses New Frontiers of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics/ (pp. 201-238)
Rauch G, Brannath W, Brückner M, Kieser M The Average Hazard Ratio - A Good Effect Measure for Time-to-event Endpoints when the Proportional Hazard Assumption is Violated? Methods of Information in Medicine, 57(3):89-100
Schulte K.F, Dänhardt A, Hufnagl M, Siegel V, Neudecker T, Wosniok W, Temming A Not Easy To Catch: New insights into factors affecting catch rates of partly pelagic brown shrimps (Crangon crangon L.). ICES Journal of Marine Science, 75(4), 1318-1328
Brückner M, Burger U, Brannath W Non-parametric adaptive enrichment designs using categorical surrogate data Statistics in Medicine, 37(29):4507-4524
Vradi E, Jaki T, Vonk R, Brannath W A Bayesian model to estimate the cutoff and the clinical utility of a biomarker assay Statistical Methods in Medical Research, published online
Nhacolo A, Brannath W Interval and point estimation in adaptive Phase II trials with binary endpoint Statistical Methods in Medical Research, published online
Vradi E, Brannath W, Jaki T, Vonk R Model selection based on combined penalties for biomarker identification Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, 28(4):735-749
Awad D, Wili´nska J, Gousia D, Shi X, Eddous J, Müller A, Wagner V, Hillner C, Brannath W, Mohr A, Gabel D Toxicity and phototoxicity in human ARPE-19 retinal pigment epithelium cells of dyes commonly used in retinal surgery European Journal of Ophthalmology, 28(4):433-440
Jaki T, Gordon A, Bijnens L, Bornkamp B, Brannath W, Fontana R, Gasparini M, Hampson LV, Jacobs T, Jones B, Paoletti X, Posch M, Titman A, Vonk R, Koenig F A proposal for a new PhD level curriculum on quantitative methods for drug development Pharmaceutical Statistics, 1-14
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
Autoren Titel Journal Link
Dieckmann K.-P, Radtke A, Spiekermann M, Balks T, Matthies C, Becker P, Ruf C, Oing C, Oechsle K, Bokemeyer C, Hammel J, Melchior S, Wosniok W, Belge G (2017b): re: “Serum Levels of MicroRNA miR-371a-3p: A Sensitive and Specific New Biomarker for Germ Cell Tumours” (vol 71, pg 213, 2017). European Urology 71(5), E161. ISSN: 0302-2838
Brannath W Contribution to the discussion of “A critical evaluation of the current ‘p-value controversy’” Biometrical Journal, 59(5):875-876
Nitsche M, Brannath W, Brueckner M, Wagner D, Kaltenborn A, Temme N, Hermann RM Comparison of different contouring definitions of the rectum as organ at risk (OAR) and dose-volume parameters predicting rectal inflammation in radiotherapy of prostate cancer: which definition to use? Br J Radiol. 90(1070), Article No.: 20160370
Brückner M, Brannath W Sequential tests for non-proportional hazards data Lifetime Data Analysis, 23:339–352
Gutjahr G, Bornkamp B Likelihood Ratio Tests for a Dose-Response Effect using Multiple Nonlinear Regression Models. Biometrics, Journal of the International Biometric Society 73(1): 197-205.
Vethaak AD, Davies IM, Thain JE, Gubbins MC, Martínez-Gómez C, Robinson CD, Moffat CF, Burgeot T, Maes T, Wosniok W, Giltrap M, Lang T, Hylland K Integrated indicator framework and methodology for monitoring and assessment of hazardous substances and their effects in the marine environment. Marine Environmental Research, 124:11-20
Lang T, Feist S.W, Stentiford G.D, Bignell J.P, Vethaak A.D, Wosniok, W Analysis and assessment of data on externally visible diseases, macroscopic liver neoplasms and liver histopathology in the North Sea, Baltic Sea and off Iceland. Marine Environmental Research 124, 61-69, Special Issue: SI.
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Bauer A, Hausmann H, Schaarschmidt J, Scharpenberg M, Troitzsch D, Johansen P, Nygaard H, Eberle T, Hasenkam J M Shed-blood-separation and cell-saver: an integral Part of MiECC? Shed-blood-separation and ints influence on the perioperative inflammatory response during coronary revascularization with minimal invasive extracorporeal ciculation systems - a rct Perfusion. Vol 33, Issue 2, pp. 136 - 147 First Published September 22, 2017
Bauer A, Hausmann H, Schaarschmidt J, Szlapka M, Scharpenberg M, Eberle T, Hasenkam J M Is 300 Seconds ACT Safe and Efficient during MiECC Procedures? Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2019; 67(03): 191-202
Kruse-Plass M, Hofmann F, Kuhn U, Otto M, Schlechtriemen U, Schröder B, Vögel R, Wosniok W Reply to the EFSA (2016) on the relevance of recent publications (Hofmann et al. 2014, 2016) on environmental risk assessment and management of Bt.maize events (MON810, Bt11 and 1507) Environ Sci Eur (2017) 29:12
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Schröder W, Nickel S, Schönrock S, Schmalfuss R, Wosniok W, Meyer M et al. Bioindication and modelling of atmospheric deposition in forests enable exposure and effect monitoring at high spatial density across scales. Annals of Forest Science 74(2). ISSN: 1286-4560
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