The primary field of our research includes applied statistics and biometry, pharmacology and toxicology with applications in clinical trials, studies in health sciences and pharmacovigilance. Special emphasis is directed towards methodological questions.

Services and Support The center offers a wide range of services and supports covering the following aspects:
  • biometrical statistics,
  • clinical pharmacology,
  • German Drug law- Ethics.

We offer the possibility for a statistical counseling interview to scientists and graduate students from ranges of the medicine, biology and natural sciences. We also offer

  • personnel and scientific-technical assistance of study projects
  • conduct of parts of studies, such as study design, sample size calculation, data management, monitoring, quality control, and data analysis
  • support for the implementation of international standards (ICH/GCP)
  • support in the preparation of interim and final reports and publications
Education and Training The center is significantly involved in International Master's programme "Medical Biometry/ Biostatistics" at the University of Bremen. Furthermore it offers regularly training courses for MD-investigators and responsible study staff in the clinical trials.
The courses offered by the KKSB indicate to have a considerably high cover in the supra-regional.