Study on quality measurement in nursing homes: "Model-based piloting of in-patient care indicators (MoPIP)"

A recently at the University Bremen implemented study ( a cooperation between  UBC-Zentrum für Alterns- und Pflegeforschung, UBC-Zentrum für Sozialpolitik und KKSB)  examined a from the law determined (contrators in health care after § 113 SGB XI) indicator-based process for measuring the quality in nursing homes. Leading research questions were for instance what requirements the nursing homes have in order to take on the new system. The 15 quality indicators of the originally by Wingenfeld et al. (2011) developed process have for example been tested in how reliable and practicable their execution for the nursing homes was.seniors-1505944_640.jpg.png

Another important question of the study was, how the collected data can be controlled concerning plausibility and validity.

The exemplary piloting has been made in nursing homes with different sponsorships in Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Rheinland-Pfalz und Hessen.

The staff on-site collected the data at different dates, so it could be examined how dependable changes in the health condition of the nursing home patients are being displayed by the quality indicators.

The reliability of the quality indicators has been checked thoroughly, for instance concerning mobility and the occurrence of decubitus. In order to achieve as fair results as possible when comparing the nursing homes, a risk adjustment has been made, also considering the severity of the case and the personal medical history. Therefore, the state of health has been made measurable with different scales.

The collected data have been evaluated from April 2016 to February 2017 at the KKSB. The results differ concerning the different quality indicators.

Some indicators do well in the suggested form, for others a readjustment has been suggested before the procedure comes into effect in 2018 nationwide, due to the insights the study has given.

The final report of the study is to be seen on the website of the auf den Seiten des GKV-Spitzenverbandes